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Edgar Hernandez was born in Cuba. His first experience in the arts was as an art instructor, in the area of Santiago de Cuba, in 1977. His primary duty was to organize small musical groups and teach each member how to play the guitar. His initial job as a professional musician was as a bassist and director in Santiago de Cuba in a Charanga style band named Sierra Cristal. From 1977 to 1980 He composed and made musical arrangements for this group.

In Havana, He played the bass in a group named Repeche from 1980 to 1982. This group had two prominent members Israel Castellano and Pio Leiva, a very well known musician in Cuba and around the salsa circles around the world. Israel Castellano was the inspiration for the song Que Bueno Baila Usted, composed and sung by the legendary Benny More. Pio Leiva was a famous singer in Buena Vista Social Club. His next relevant experience was as bassist, composer, musical arranger, and director of Conjunto Casino from 1982 to 1989. With this group he recorded three LPs, and made numerous television and radio appearances. Also, He participated in several carnivals and different cultural events throughout Cuba and completed a concert tour in Mexico.

In 1994 Edgar made Los Angeles his home. In 1996 He founded Charanga Cubana, a traditional Cuban music group. Charanga Cubana has participated in many of the local Cuban cultural events. They also have played in the most important nightclubs in southern California. Edgar have released two compact discs, played at Carnaval de la Calle Ocho in Miami, played at Fiesta Broadway in L.A. and have done private presentations for the Bacardi family firm in the Bahamas.

Edgar artistic life is not limited to composing and playing music. He has dedicated a great deal of time to the study in Cuban origin music. As a result of his studies, He has written three books on Cuban rhythms. One of the books is titled Morphology of the Tumbao. Another one of his books on Cuban son is titled The true rhythmic Essence of the Cuban Sons Clave. This last mentioned book has been tested in music lessons at CAL STATE Los Angeles and in private lessons.

Currently, Edgar is under contract to teach privately bass lessons to students of CAL STATE Los Angeles.

The following are some of the prominent personalities with whom Edgar has shared the stage and tour. Celia Cruz; Andy Garcia, Edward James Olmos, Israel Lopez Cachao, Oscar D Leon, Willy Chirino Albita Rodriguez.

Edgar recorded two CDs with Charanga Cubana (A├▒oranza de una ├ępoca and Charanaga Cubana de Nuevo), third CD Timba style (El Baile del Balsero). In addition has recorded with Bongo Logic, Long John Oliva, Ricardo Estrada, (Latin Jazz), sound tracks for the following movies/tv shows: "Dance With Me" - starring Chayane & Vanessa Williams, "Club Dread", "The Bases Are Loaded", "Aquamarine", "Aquamarine", "Be Kind Rewind" starring Jack Black, Mos Def, Danny Glover, & Mia Farrow, soap opera "One Life to Live", & TV series "Cane".

Edgar Hernandez